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Proactive Solutions by Design

We provide Managed IT Services, Network Infrastructure Planning and Implementation, Project Management, and Business Growth Consulting. Solution Designers is a reliable technology partner that can improve productivity, efficiency, dependability, and profitability through effective planning, implementation, and maintenance of computer equipment and advanced technology. Solution Designers, Inc. understands that without a firm understanding of your business needs we cannot properly address your technology needs.Solution Designers team of engineers and help desk support people bring a diverse collection of real-world business experience to assist businesses.

Solution Designers, Inc. service contracts feature a 30-day “No Questions Asked” cancellation clause upon initial engagement. It is our belief that a contract should not be used as an attempt to “guarantee” future business or to lock-in a revenue stream. We adhere to a simpler concept…if we do the job right today we’ll earn your business again tomorrow. Therefore, we only use the contract to identify the scope of services to be provided, responsibilities, and terms of the relationship.

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