Infrastructure refresh

An infrastructure past its useful life can quickly lead to server failure and disrupted business operations. Solution Designers has solutions to improve the performance of your server infrastructure – providing cost-effective visualization and shared storage solutions. Solution Designers’ virtualization solutions will help your organization improve server reliability and availability, reducing capital costs and operating expenses.

IT Infrastructure Refresh Analysis

At Solution Designers, we provide you with the flexibility and freedom to take your computing resources beyond the limitations of your current configuration. Virtualization solutions allow you to manage an entire server infrastructure thereby reducing cost and increasing efficiency. Solution Designers has the experience, training and know-how to achieve your virtualization plans.

Solution Designers offers the following services for an aging infrastructure:

  • Server and Desktop Virtualization
  • SAN & NAS Storage Solutions
  • SSD High-Speed Storage
  • Project Services
  • Network Management
  • Asset Utilization Analysis and Advice
We are committed to providing tangible value by listening
and developing solutions that are a good for the business.

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