Manufacturing And Accounting Solutions

Chemical, food, cosmetic, and other specialty manufacturers are key customers at Solution Designers. For over 20 years, our sales and consulting team have worked with process manufacturers implementing software for improving operational and financial processes.Solution Designers recommends, sells, implements and supports software packages for Microsoft Dynamics GP that meet budgetary needs and exceed most business requirements for the SMB marketplace. Our process manufacturing industry knowledge and experience has continued to provide a positive impact on our existing and new customers. Solution Designers continues to provide on-going support and services after the initial implementation.


Designed specifically to automate batch process manufacturing environments, our solutions combine fully integrated process manufacturing, production planning and financial management capabilities. By implementing this solution, you will be equipped with the software you need to coordinate your entire manufacturing operation, including:

  • Managing formulas
  • Batch Processing
  • Accounting system integration
  • Tracking usage, waste and yield
  • Wireless warehouse management integration
Accessing accurate information (MSDS – material safety data sheets, MRP – material requirements planning, shipping documents or certificates of analysis, bills of material) when you need it.Whether you manufacture paint, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, or food, this powerful solution equips all process manufacturing industries with everything required to improve operations, streamline workflow, and improve profitability.

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